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December 2005
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Clips & shots

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Close to ideal Kick 11 (roundhouse turnkick)

One of the publications of the victorious and the most impressive Fehmi’s attack with the left roundhouse turnkick (11), technically clean and totally controlled, in the heavy weight finals of the EKF European karate Championships, Tenerife, 13-15/5, 2005. His rival, Tucek (Cze), was caught in the proper tactical moment (TM), that is, in the mid of his attack. Fehmi thus spectacularly sealed his European Golden Medal 2005.

Watch the video of the final joust below: Mahalla (left) vs. Tuček (right)

Close to ideal Kick 8 (roundhouse kick)

Newspaper Le Matin published a short interview with the than new European World Champ 2005, illustrated with his close-to-ideally performed right roundhouse kick (8) which his opponent in the heavy weight finals, Tucek (Cze), could not block off properly.

Making the opponents fly

During an interview, Fehmi demonstrates one of his typical, frequently used felling attacks that have brought him the most of victorious points. The alternative to his own high kick is that his opponents lift their legs high as at that photo.

As to Fehmi’s successful use of felling, see a video below from the Karate Grand Prix 2004 in Zalec, Slovenia.

Stockpiling of multiple victories

A photo with one pair of the double trophies, as Fehmi won already at his first public contest in 1996. He returned home as double (heavy weight and open) or even triple (heavy weight, open, and team) winner by several occasions, such as:

Double trophies:

  • Swiss open semi-contact 1996, Lausanne
  • Swiss national tournament 1997, Chaux-de-Fonds
  • Karate cup Nëntori 1997, Bern
  • World Karate Championship 1999, Germany
  • Int’l X-mas Karate Cup 1999, Slovenia
  • Swiss JKA-Shotokan Open 2000, Luzern
  • Swiss Championship 2001, Rüti
  • Karate Grand Prix d’Italy 2001, Milano
  • World Cup Shitoryu 2001, Slovenia
  • Euro-Cup 2002, Italy
  • Swiss Championship 2003, Neuchâtel
  • German Championship 2004, Neubrandenburg
  • Francophonic Cup 2003, Marocco
  • Swiss Championship 2004
  • Swiss Championship 2005
  • Swiss Elite Championship 2006
  • Swiss Karate League 2006
  • Swiss Karate League 2007

Triple trophies:

  • Karate World Cup for Juniors 2000, Hungary
  • Francophonic Cup 2002, Luxembourg
  • Championship Baden-Wurtemberg 2004, Germany
  • Francophonic Cup 2004, Paris

During a Dan promotion

Fehmi Mahalla (today IV Dan Black belt), 2002, during receiving his Dan Certificate for the II Dan, awarded by his mentor, Dr. Rudolf Jakhel, then VII Dan, Chief Instructor and Doyen of MSKAI Academy.

Three times gold at one competition - the starting case

Multiple honors:
three golden medals
at the World Cup for Juniors, December 2000, in Miskolc, Hungary. At this event, Fehmi had received also a special award as “The best combatant” of the tournament.

After frist steps on his winning path

One of the first trophies: winning the heavy weight Golden cup at the FEKDA European Cup ’97, November 1997 (carried out by the MSKA Germany) in Mainz, Germany.